An introduction to Azerbaijan

Welcome to Azerbaijan!

What is the main reason of seeing our country?

Let us introduce this ancient and at the same time contemporary (up to date) country.

As it was stressed Azerbaijan is a very ancient country. The meaning of our Republic name-“Azerbaijan”,means-” the country of fire”. The reason is that from ancient times Azerbaijan has gas that came out of the earth .Many people with different kinds of creed came to Azerbaijan from all parts of the world came to Azerbaijan in order to be a witness of this miracle .This monument names-“Fire Worshipper temple”. Here you can feel ancient air that will inspire and discover so many new things which you will never meet in another country.

One of the most beautiful and ancient monument is-”Maiden Tower”.

This monument is situated in “The Old city”, which was built in 12th -14th century. Old city includes-“Palace of Shirvanshah”. Many years ago caravans with camels used to come to The Old city. There used to be a fair where merchants came for trade .They sold: gold, fruits, silk, carpets, different kinds of souvenirs.

Also in Old city you can find many antique shops which can offer you whatever you like.

The symbol of our country its main monument is –“Maiden Tower”. The name of this tower comes from 12th century. There are many legends about foundation of Maiden tower but one of them is the following…During this period there used to live a girl who was forced by parents to marry to a man whom she didn’t love as she fell in love with another man. The day when it was supposed to be the wedding day with a person she didn’t want she couldn’t find any way and threw herself from this tower and it was called as Maiden tower in honour to her

In “Old city” you can find museum of Tiny books. This museum has the tiniest books in the world. The gates of “Old city “used to be the fortress against other countries which wanted to conquer Baku.

In “Old city” you can find a factory with carpets made by hands, different restaurants which will give you the sense of living in the 14th century. There are also museum of art, tiny books museum, house where used to live Nobel brothers.

You will be impressed by enormous long area of boulevard which is up to date with entertainments: swings, restaurant, yachts, ships, boats,3-d cinema, restaurants, bridges ect.

You can go by boat and enjoy Caspian Sea within 30 minutes there you can observe big lily that was built in the sea, big sparkling of flood which comes out of the Caspian Sea. There you will feel yourself as you are at the seaside. Many fountains with fire, music, fog, special effects that makes illusion as if you are on a very great performance. Boulevard includes “Boulevard park-Shopping mall” which has been built this year and can hardly let you resist of buying fashionable clothes, many restaurants from Chinese till Mexican. If you feel yourself to go to bowling you can enjoy yourself there.

The most delicious cuisine is Azerbaijani. We won in the world cuisine contest. If you are here you ought to try our “plov”-(rice with dry fruits, nuts, lamb)”dolma”-(meat, rice, onion, pipe, covered with grapes leaves),kebab (which was cooked first in Azerbaijan and now famous all over the world).

We have very juicy sweet various of fruits. Don’t temptate yourself just try you will never regret.

Azerbaijan is also famous for its wines you can even see grapes grown on balconies of people’s apartment. We have different sorts of grapes. And our wines will never let a gourmet be disappointed in taste. Azerbaijan has very many volcanoes more than in other countries. If you are interested in it Azerbaijan offers you such chance to observe them.

So let’s talk about weather. You can’t find such gentle wind, such bright sun, such pure seaside as in Azerbaijan. There are 13 climatic zones in the world but on the territory of Azerbaijan there are 11 almost all zones are in our territory except very cold. It can be said that during all year is warm weather.

If you have health problems come to our districts of Azerbaijan which offer you mud bath, salty sources where you can made treatments and it cures all your deceases.

If you are interested in night life so here we are because Azerbaijan takes 6th place in nightlife rating in the world. You will be surprised so many disco clubs, restaurants with fashionable style up to date. Shopping malls are opened till late night. In disco clubs choose whatever you like from different kinds of music till various styles of disco clubs. If you came to Baku you have to go to the seaside. Here are many beaches with swimming pools, swings, aqua parks. If you want to touch the nature you can find a beach where you would be alone with warm Caspian Sea.

Azerbaijan is very rich land for its oil, gas, nature.

So what about nature?

It’s better to see one time than to hear about thousands. So many districts with mountains, forests, lakes you will be impressed by the richness of our nature.

So you still have doubts about your coming to Azerbaijan?

Just come and see after you will say proudly –“I’ve been in Azerbaijan-I’ve been in paradise”.


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