About Us

WelcometToBaku is a young company that is trying to bridge the gap between East and West. Because the two founders of the company come from 2 different parts of the world: Azerbaijan and The Netherlands, we know our way in Azerbaijan as well in Western Europe.

Because of this we provide the best services for western tourists who come to visit Azerbaijan. What we provide is an 8 day tour in and around Baku. Also there is a possibility to make a customized trip or rent only an appartment.

Also our tour is a tour with a personal touch. The 2guides will go along every where the tour takes you , and are open for all kinds of questions. In comparison to other touroperators ( where the groups can be as big as 30-60 persons), our tour never takes more then 8 persons a week. Because of this we can offer a personal touch and you will never will feel like a number.

In our 8 day tour , we visit amongst other things : Maiden tower, The Old City, The Fire Temple, Various museums (from history and art to archeologichal museums), Baku Boulevard (2nd longest in the world), Caspian Sea, Mudvulcanoes and excursions to Guba and Ghobustan. Also we know all the right places for a bite and a drink , and we can reserve for you the most beautiful places with the best views. Also inluded in our tour is your stay in a nice and comfortable appartment in the very centre of the city. All restaurants, bars and other activities in nightlife are within 15 minutes of walking. Transport from the airport to the airport, and back is arranged by us.

Take a tour with us , and we guarantee you will have no regrets!



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