8 Day Tour in and around Baku

8 Day tour in and around baku

In this 8 day tour in and around Baku you will be shown all the places of interest in and around Baku.


You will stay in a comfortable appartment which has all the luxury you need like: Washing machine, Shower, Kitchen, 1or 2  bedrooms, Sattelite tv , Airconditioning, Refridgerator, Toilet, towels.

We will pick you up at the airport and bring you to the apartment, where a welcome meal and drink await you. When you will return home we will also bring you back to the airport.


We arrange all the transport, so included in the tour are :

  • transport from airport to the appartment
  • transport from the appartment to the airport
  • transport to all the places that are visited during the tour

8 Day Tour

Day 1 Introduction to Baku

An introduction tour to the centre of Baku including:

  • Short visit to the Old city and the Maiden tower
  • Walk along Baku Bulvar and introduction to all it has to offer
  • Information about where you can find ATM’s, supermarkets, Pharmacies
  • Information about where you can find the best restaurants and the best nightlife
  • Visit the various squares in the centre of Baku
  • Visit to the war monument and the eternal flame

Day 2 The old City

On day 2 we visit the Old City and its historical artifacts. This day includes:

  • Visit to Maiden tower
  • Visit to Shirvan Shahs Palace
  • Mp3 tour around the Old City
  • Visit to the museum of Tiny Books (It has the biggest collection in the world of tiny books)

Day 3 Museum day

During this day we will visit 3 museums , and we will take a 45 minute tour by boat along the Baku Bulvar.

  • Nizami museum of arts
  • National History Museum of Azerbaijan
  • National Archeological Museum of Azerbaijan
  • Tour along Bulvar by boat

Day 4 Visit to Fire temple and Afternoon at the beach

In the morning we will visit the Zoro-astrism fire temple. A local guide will tell you all about the ancient history of fire warshippers, and will show their way of living

– In the afternoon we will make a trip to seaside. Here you can enjoy the warm Caspian Sea and the beautiful view.

Day 5 Excursion to Guba

Together with a local guide  you will visit the beautiful city of Guba.

Day 6 Excursion to Ghobustan

Together with a local guide you will visit the beautiful city of Ghobustan

Day 7 Free day

On the last day of the tour you are free to do as ever you please. For example you can spend your day buying souvenirs, enjoy Azerbaijani cuisine, visit local markets, or relax another day at the beach.


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